Best Picture: Frost/Nixon

Based on a play by Peter Morgan, and featuring the same actor, Frank Langella, who portrayed Nixon on the stage, Frost/Nixon manages to turn two days of probing interviews between David Frost and Richard Nixon into a compelling mystery tale. By telling the true story of the build up to the interview and pulling back the curtain to reveal the interviewer’s insecurities and worries over making Nixon seem too sympathetic, the film gets its tension.

The biggest question–will he or won’t he admit his guilt?–is the film’s most pressing mystery. With expert acting from Frank Langella, whose turn as Nixon is more embodiment than caricature, earned him a nod in the Lead Actor category, Michael Sheen, as the Brit reporter, and Sam Rockwell as James Reston Jr., the American journalist, Ron Howard makes no false moves. Can’t say the same for Nixon.