Weather Report

Every now and then I like to feel smug and look at the weather in other places and compare it to here. Though we had an abysmal week two weeks ago (it was like 65 degrees and partially overcast—psyche!), it is still better than my former city, Seattle is faring. Matos called and said about a 100 different curses for the weather, which is somewhere in the 50s and raining, and gray (which is what is the worst of the weather there. Everyone thinks it’s the rain, it’s not.) It is June and by all rights should be at least sunny-ish. Sadly, my Seattle friends are stuck in Weather Purgatory. 
When I lived in Seattle my father used to call me and tell me that I hadn’t seen the sun for 45 days in a row. Like I hadn’t noticed.
I once saw a postcard at the Pike Place Market for Seattle. It was four shades of gray from darkest to lightest  It said: “Winter in Seattle, Spring in Seattle, Summer in Seattle, Fall in Seattle. It looked a little more bleak than this.

A moment of silence everyone for the Pacific NW.
(Don’t worry, in a month, they will be in paradise.)
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  1. Yeah, seriously: this spring has been hugely shitty. First the snow in April, and now a June that feels more like October? WTF.

    That said, despite it being cold and grey, everything is that insaaaane shade of green that you get up here in the late spring. I wouldn’t trade that for anything, but yeah: this spring sucks almost as bad as Winter o’ ’98 when it rained for 94 days in a row.

  2. yeah, i think that was my last year in seattle so that’s how i remember it being–unbearable!!

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