LA Weekly Turns to Dirt in Three, Two, One….

In the last few months I’ve been impressed that the LA Weekly has managed to not suck balls. It even resembles a decent paper that’s in touch with its city and readership. Shocka! I try not to make a habit of touching it too much because I am allergic to the New Times newspapers. However, recent reports from LA Observed indicate that this will probably change very soon, as they’ve fired Joe Donnelly, the paper’s number two. This shouldn’t surprise the LA Weekly staff, since the New Times prefers death by a thousand cuts instead one big fell swoop when it comes to firings. At the Voice, we used to joke that a firing happened once every three weeks. Please note that this is in no way an indictment of Laurie Ochoa and the other longstanding LA Weekly staff; however, I’ve seen the long, hard fall of the other papers, and I know that it’s only too soon before the New Times brings their special brand of awesomeness to L.A.