In Memory of Bernie Mac


Oh so sad. I have a special bond with Bernie Mac. Of course, he didn’t know I existed, but in the last year in NYC when I defiantly hung up my nightlife hat, I celebrated the freedom of not having to be in a club by staying home and watching the same five TV shows every night, all of them reruns of shows that were big in the 90s and early 2000s, that because I was too busy going out to see them, I missed them all. One of those shows was “The Bernie Mac Show,” which was on between “Sex and the City” and “Friends.” The other option during this time was “Seinfeld” and I had enough of New Yorkers. So I watched the Mac.

I thought he was hilarious and the very idea of such a bad ass starring in a “Father’s Knows Best” scenario tickled me. My favorite episode is the one where he was set to go to his big annual Vegas vacation with his boys and one of his friends got sick, so the Mac banned him and took major preventative action. But then, his adopted daughter (“Baby Girl”) had a birthday party, and one of the kids was sick at the party and in response, he turned into an OCD freak, washing his hands, and wearing a mask, even when his own kids caught the bug, he stayed locked in the room, spraying air freshener around. The kicker was at the end, when he was up late and wanted something to eat and remembered there was some birthday cake left in the fridge. So like a little  kid, he tiptoes over and eats some, only not realizing that the cake had kids germs all over it and the next morning he was illin’ and couldn’t go to Vegas and his family basically went, “Neener, neener, neener.” I know this sounds ridiculous but it was pretty funny.

I also loved the ep called “The Incredible Hulk,” where Bernie gets a card to a Costco -like store and starts going every day to get more stuff, until he finally runs out of space. As someone with a Staples/Ikea/Bed Bath and Beyond addiction, I could sympathize.

I loved when he would push the boundaries that were normal for a sitcom—like the one show where he keeps getting busted for using euphemisms with Baby Girl, such as, “I’m gonna kick your ass!” which would get him a scolding by the uptight school teachers and social workers every time he “got out of line”—or in other words, was classic Mac. That’s the same episode he told his wife to keep an eye on the kids for running up the phone bill. “Yeah, but she think we’re old country club rich—old money rich. Shoot, we just nigger rich.” OMG, I almost fell out of my chair when he said that.

RIP Mac. Sorry to to see you go.

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